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The X-Plus is a unique side table designed by award-winning Xiaoxi, a young, up-and-coming creative talent currently living and working in Southern California. Xiaoxi's X-Plus recently won the Red Dot Design Award 2011.
You now have the unique opportunity to back Xiaoxi and purchase pieces from the limited 1st Edition of the X-Plus.
Every limited 1st Edition piece is numbered (only 100 available) and comes with a collector's book about the X-Plus and Xiaoxi, including a certificate of authenticity.
The X-Plus was original conceived as a functional sculpture for contemporary living spaces without defining a purpose and an exact function. Use the X-Plus the way you want, as a coffee-table or a shelf.
A beautiful sculptural piece on its own, the X-Plus is also designed for modular set-up. Each X-Plus perfectly matches another and you can combine as many as you want to obtain different shapes and sizes.
The X-Plus will also be presented at the Milano Salone del Mobile 2012.
We all have experienced using a product in a creative way, out of context, or outside its original purpose. We look around, sit on a table, we use folding doors to crack walnuts or a shoe to hit a bug... People are naturally creative! We want to encourage people to think and use our product creatively.
The X-Plus comes from the idea and desire to design a product without defining a specific function but with many possibilities and uses. The X-Plus is the start of a collaborative project where, together, we discover the many ways it can be used and have fun!
Material: 3 mm steel, Powder Coated
Colour: Red, Pantone 185M
Dimensions: Height 400 x Width 400 x Length 610 mm



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Xiaoxi is industrial designer currently living and working in Southern California , passionate about design, create and share ideas.
Xiaoxi's recent project X-Plus just won the red dot design award 2011, and also will be present at Milano 2012

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  US$ 299
Limited 1st Edition

How does BackIT works:

  • We have worked with the designer, researched and prototyped the piece;
  • We have selected a qualified manufacturer and agreed on the best order quantity and secured the best affordable price for this 1st Edition;
  • When enough people have pre-ordered the minimum number of pieces set in BackIT, we move forward with production of the design and send it to you.

What you get for every BackIT piece:

  • A limited 1st edition piece
  • A book about the designer, product and acknowledgement to the backers

What happens after I BackIT:

  • We will inform you once the piece is 100% backed and contact you to arrange delivery.
  • You will receive full refund in the case that the BackIT is unsuccesful.
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