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A fellow urban-ite and veteran fashion designer ventured out on her own in 2006 to create sleek and practical accent furniture suited for NYC where space and function is a precious commodity. She decided to design gifts after endless and fruitless shopping trips from Meat Packing District to Barney's; from street fairs to websites looking for that unique item that didn't cost a fortune or end up in the 're-gift' pile.

ME2 DESIGN products are affordable, smart and designed with a purpose- to appeal to the most discerning of friends and fashionistas who entertain at home. Considered to be 'works of functional art' combining aesthetics, exotic materials and function in every item. The Accent Furniture is multi-functional, modular and work with any style decor. Each item is finished to the very last detail offering style from the 'inside-out'. The Serving ware is unique, beautiful and compact utilizing material combinations, form and multi-function for a gift that keeps giving!

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Thick 1" wood tabletop in thick solid Turkish wood laminate.
Inlay top is designed with a decorative inlay 2" border of Light Birch around a center inlay of Olive Wood.
The Miro-inspired artistic wire base is created in a random criss-cross pattern out of 1/4" round black steel wires.
The bottom steel disc feet are padded with felt for added protection.
For those of us who don't live in an Elle Decor room shot and don't really care to. There is still a way to add an updated vibe to your outdated post-college nest without giving up your sought-after bohemian lifestyle while maintaining your street 'cred' as a dude.
This table has a casual retro appeal that we can all live with. Not too pretentious, not too trendy and won't break the bank. Smokin' with Steve coffee table from ME2 has a thick inset tabletop of Olive Wood inset into a Lt. Birch frame that rests above an art-inspired Black Steel wire base for that beach front chill we all need to drift away to from time to time. Who cares if you look out onto a fire escape in trendy Belltown in Seattle!
Meditate on the exotic zebra-like markings in the Olive Wood and you will think you are in the Greek Isles. We can bring that fashion pretense to your neighborhood without keeping up the Jones's-next-door attitude so you can put your feet up and give your 'Birks' a rest.
Smokin' with Steve has always been a way to chill on the natural side of things so expect to turn your playroom/family room into an outback den to host all your favorite past times. Play Jack Johnson on your MP3, take off your fleece and let time melt away before it rains on your party again.
Don't forget the sun screen.
16" H x 24" W x 56" L.

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