Infinity Chair by Sebastian Jansson

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Born 27.11.1986 in Helsinki, Finland

ENSCI Les Ateliers, Paris, 2009-2010
Politecnico di Milano, Facolté del Design, 2008-09
Aalto University School of Design, 2005-2011
Master of European Design 2008-2010
Reserve Officer School, Finnish Defence Forces, 2006
Tölö Gymnasium, Visual Arts, 2005

Studio Sebastian Jansson Tmi 2007 - Creative Art Direction, Industrial & Strategic Design Consultancy
Readymade Projects Inc., Stephen Burks, 2010 - Designer Assistant
Activeark Oy 2007-2008 - Graphic Designer

Blickfang, Basel 2011 - Blickfang Selected by Stephen Burks - Invitational Exhibition
Suvilahti Snow Sculpture Contest - Environmental Arts Association of Suvilahti - Jansson/Sandelin/Löppönen
Open140, School of Art and Design Since 1871 - Design Museum, Helsinki 2011 - Invitational Exhibition
Factory Superstars - Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, 2010
Blickfang, Zurich 2010 - Blickfang Selected by Stephen Burks - Invitational Exhibition
Lodz Design Festival, Poland 2010 - Crumple Zone - Invitational Exhibition
Mode de Vie et Legerete, Galerie Celal, Paris, 2010 - Invitational Exhibition
Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010, Milano - SaloneSatellite
Dans le Dehors - ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris, 2010 - 'Pussification'
One Night Stand - Jansson / Sandelin - Installations Objectified, Helsinki 2009 -
Formex, Stockholm Interior Design Fair, 2009 - "Sisu", Finland Selected by Formex, Group Exhibition
DMY International Design Festival Berlin, 2009 - DMY Youngsters
Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2009, Milano - SaloneSatellite
'Led by Form', Production in Series - Fiskars, Finland, 2009 - Invitational Exhibition
Design Forum Finland, Helsinki, 2008 - Group Exhibition
Design Collective 5X5 Helsinki, 2007 - Group Exhibition
S-galleria, Helsinki, 2005 - Group Exhibition
Annantalo, Helsinki, 2004 - Group Exhibition

Skanno Open House - Helsinki Design Week 2010 - "Sustainable Luxury and the Linguistics of Design"
Abitare Talks, Triennale Design Museum, Milano - Design Domino, 2009, "Design and Crisis"
OMA Talks Seminar, 2008 - Master of Arts Festival, "Common sense, simple common sense"
Tölö Gymnasium - Design lectures, Helsinki, 2007

Talking Object by Timo Salli & Ilkka Suppanen - Aalto Tongji Design Factory, Shanghai, 2011
Social Innovation by Ezio Manzini - ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris, 2009
Satyendra Pakhale - ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris, 2009
"People Package", Stephen Burks, Vitra Design Museum / CIRECA - Lessac, France, 2009
Davide Groppi - Politecnico di Milano, Como, 2009
Master of European Design, Paris, 2008
Master of European Design, Stuttgart, 2009

-MEDIA: Books
The Icon Product Year Book 2010 - Icon Magazine
Finnish Design Yearbook 2010 - Design Forum Finland
Once Upon a Chair - Gestalten Verlag GmbH & Co KG, 2009

-MEDIA: Print, selected
Wallpaper (UK) - Jan 2011
ArtBox Magazine (UK) - Jun 2010: Cover & five spread article
Deko (FIN) - Jan 2010: Designer of the month
Papper (FIN) - Oct 2009: Cover & feature
VOGUE Living Australia - Sept/Oct 2009
MARU (Korea) - August 2009: Feature
Glorian Koti (FIN) - July 2009: "Success in sight"
ICON Magazine (UK) - July 2009
ICON Magazine (UK) - August 2009
ZERO Publications, Milano (IT), April 2009
HBL VOLT (FIN) 22.09.2007: 5X5 Helsinki

-MEDIA: Television
Pixel FST5 - Features Sebastian Jansson as young designer
Design in Europe by Train - Sebastian features the Milan episode

Member of Board - Kipsari Oy 2007-08
Member of Board - Student union 'Tokyo', University of Art and Design Helsinki, 2007-08
Member of Board - Nuoret Designerit Ry (Young Designers association), 2005-06, 2007-08

Activeark Oy
Arkitekturum Oy
Kaffa Roastery
Kanniston Bakery Oy
Kipsari Oy
La Torrefazione Oy
Pieni Kirahvi Oy
Purple Workshop Oy
Readymade Projects Inc.
Skanno Oy
Stavellan Inc.
Talenco Trading

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Sebastian Jansson is fascinated by the symbolic dimension that shapes acquire in our environment. Currently based in Paris, he has been working on a concept that reflects his perception of the role of shapes and materials as symbols in their own right.

The structure of his Infinity chair was determined by close analysis and observation of natural postures and sit-to-stand movements, and his choice of shapes and materials infuses it with a strong symbolic charge. In his designs, style is never the starting point: It is a consequence of the infinite visual simplicity he achieves through total unity between symbolism, structure, materials and the human beings he had in mind when carrying out his initial research. Hence, the natural fluidity of this Infinity chair.

—His sources of inspiration? The desire to create a symbol of “continuity and endlessness, in itself a strong reference” and a sense of transparency. To Jansson, “transparency is about honesty” and this symbolic aspect “permeates through the object”. Though made of stainless steel, the cantilever structure of the legs flows naturally into the actual seat (for which he used 6mm polycarbonate folded by thermoforming) and this continuity in turn provides flexibility designed to adjust to the user’s various natural postures. Once again, a highly personal and playful approach to a complex brief. A rigid structure provides support and comfort. Jansson compares it to “an ice cube melting before our eyes” but the result is far from cold.

Text: Georgina Oliver. Photography: Alfredo Salazar
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Seat: 6 mm polycarbonate thermoformed and bended
Legs: 10x30mm Stainless steel profile welded and polished

Height 850 mm
Width 750 mm
Depth 700 mm
Seating height 380 mm
Weight 11 kg

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